Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ta Daaa!

 No.3 Vessel is finished and mounted.  Here is a sneak preview...
 The Unique Effect
©Christie Minchew 2013
11" h x 9" w x 26" long
I think it's easier to really "see" it in person, but this give the idea.
Wool roving and black yarn are going in the left side...
©Christie Minchew 2013
Handfelted objects are coming out the right side, close up of one below:
Come and see it from all angles this Saturday, August 24th, at Come Out and Play Sculpture and Art Show.
And take the shuttle bus from Storybook Farm (just 1 mile north on the same side) - it's free and easy!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Vessel Series no.2 is off the needles!

Vessel number 2 is finally off the (knitting) needles!  It's about 24" long.
(Vessel number 1, of copper wire, is crying out to be something different.
 And I was anxious to do this in silver-toned wire and make it bigger.)
As it doesn't sit on it's own, I put a hammered wire along the back center.  
After doing that, I realized I can hang it, too.   
There is still more to do to complete the concept.  So you'll see this at least once more.
I've started vessel number 3 which will resemble this one.  I am working on the shaping a bit. But, in general, I'm happy with how my idea is progressing :).

Friday, August 9, 2013

The knitted brow, I mean vessel

 I'm in the middle of knitting the first (and second, below) in my vessel series.  Stay tuned to see them progress from limp-ish messes to, hopefully, something closer to my vision :).
I added 2 colors of thread as I knitted part of the neck of the silver.  It drove me nuts as I tried to keep the thread from getting tangled up in the knitted wire, so I stopped using it. I like the effect but the aggravation, not so much.
Stay tuned!