Monday, March 16, 2015


This Jelly went to a great home last December...
Jelly No5 
wire, hand dyed silk and cloth, beads
and it now swims over a bathtub with a heating vent across the room from it to make it whirl.
I recently received an email from its new Enjoyer and he said, "It's Glorious!".  
Mobile and Fiber Art
 Detail, Jelly No5
I couldn't ask for a better "gush" than that.  I'm so glad.... :)
© Christie Minchew 2014

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Roadmaps: the 3-d way!
Just having a little fun with my first quarter roadmap...
Wire and Fiber Art
 Tracking progress 'off paper' (think off-roading) is so much more fun!
When completed tasks are colorful, wiggly fabric bundles and milestones are pipe cleaners with bells on, this beats a checklist all to heck :)
© Christie Minchew 2015