Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Playing with my food (and other things)
Playing With My Food © Christie Minchew 2014
 I've been working on (ok, playing with) this piece for about 2 years off-and-on (mostly off).  Finally, after ArtBrake! was over, I allowed myself to pull it back out and finish it.  This was a real commitment.  It's about 7 feet high, so it took the majority of floor space in my studio.  And there was stuff, lots of stuff, alllll over the floor around it.  In other words, it wasn't something I wanted to put away and take out too many times.  
Playing With My Food
Playing With My Food © Christie Minchew 2014
When we put it up over the fireplace, I realized just what a ...statement it made.  The other 3 components I had planned to put with it were, understandably, sacked.  I think this is all the statement I can take in our living room.
Playing With My Food, detail © Christie Minchew 2014
What is in it, you might ask?
Store bags, Chiobani yogurt cups and lids and box pieces, twist ties/labels from organic produce (purple), twist ties from other produce (yellow), fuschia helium balloons, green foil from pointsetta plants, a couple of shower/spray nozzles and hoses, white and yellow plastic spears from a couple of fruit gift arrangements, the green plastic casing from around electrical wire, pieces of creative experiments gone wrong, wood flower stems whose flower heads had detached long ago, and, the only not-used-before ingredient, orange and pink surveying tape.
 Playing With My Food, detail © Christie Minchew 2014
Ahhhh, I finally have my studio floor back!  And my back and knees are much happier, too.

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Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

wow Christie! Truly a labor of love and it shows!