Friday, October 10, 2014

My Latest: Papilio Series
 Papilio jubilee © Christie Minchew 2014
6"x 6"
I decided to do some needle felting and do a butterfly (Papilio) series.  There are five 6"x6" shadow box framed butterflies. They were fun to do...especially the antennae ...and the tutu (see bottom) :)
Needle Felted Butterfly Art
Papilio polkadotus © Christie Minchew 2014
6"x 6"
Papilio graffitius © Christie Minchew 2014
6"x 6"
Papilio winter wood © Christie Minchew 2014
6"x 6"
Needle Felt Butterfly and Ballerina Art
Papilio ballerinus 'Degas' © Christie Minchew 2014
6"x 6"
They are $50 each and you can see them at the Alamance Studio Tour this weekend - Stop 10.  There are 5 other artists at Jill Troutman's home and the place looks fantastic!

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Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

These are so fun Christie! Sure to be a winner on the tour